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I love doing Corporate Juggernaut shows. And now they do them at The High Watt and they have just gotten better. It’s a perfect place to perform. Everyone is so cool there and just knows how a show should work. Really loved doing the show there and happy they invited me.” - Nate Bargatze                                                     

"Corporate Juggernaut shows at The High Watt are high quality and super fun.  The venue is a perfect setting for a fun intimate comedy show.  GO SEE ONE AND QUIT BEING A JERK!" - Rory Scovel                                                                                                                

 "This place is the future.  Comedy clubs are so yesterday. Well… except the ones that work me." - Jarrod Harris 

Corporate Huggernuts shows at the Hey What are super fun and—why? What did I say? It’s “Juggernaut”? The venue is called the “High Watt”? That doesn’t sound right. Really? If you say so, fine. The Corporate JUGGERNAUT shows at the HIGH WATT in Smashville are a great time an—well now what? It’s called “Nashville?” Come on. That’s not even a real place. – Kyle Kinane

 “If you’ve been following the Scene print edition lately, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a wee bit enamored with local alt-comedy troupe Corporate Juggernaut. It might actually border on “unhealthy obsession,” but it’s not like I’m rummaging through Gary Fletcher’s garbage or spying on James Austin Johnson while he’s taking a shower. (At least not as far as they know.)” -Sean Maloney/The Nashville Scene